Led Bulb

Energy efficient lighting cost comparison between LEDs, CFLs, Incandescents.

Comparing different models of LEDs for home use Equivalent wattages of LEDs, CFLs, Incandescents Comparing characteristics of LEDs, CFLs, Incandescents How to select a LED light bulb LED light bulbs may ultimately be what we use to replace incandescent lightbulbs – CFLs are a temporary alternative to energy efficient lighting. The reason LEDs haven’t yet displaced CFLs from the marketplace are twofold: the first generation LED light bulbs had a narrow and focused light beam, and the price of the LED light bulbs was overly high.

Advancements in production technology have driven the costs down to a degree where LED bulbs are more affordable than CFLs or incandescent lightbulbs. This trend is continuing, with LED lightbulbs being designed for far more applications while the costs are going down over time. This comparison charts demonstrate the value of the newest LED lightbulbs when compared with CFLs and incandescents for total efficacy as well as cost effectiveness. Lightbulbs needed for 50k hours of use. Approximations of lightbulb lifespan are projected, since it’d take about 6 years of constant lighting to test. The FEIT lightbulb life expectancies are greatly understated. With light bulbs, it offers an estimation of the apparent quantity of light the bulb may produce. Estimate desired power – read the package to select desired illumination level. For example, a 3W LED is equivalent in output to a 45 W incandescent.

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