Led Street Light

Brighter and more cost saver for LED street lights to be shining over numerous roads in this year. LED Street lights use about 1/3 of the energy of the existing lights, LED lights require no maintenance because they last for about 20 years.

Swapping all the lights now to reduce the costs of the electric bill as well as saving an environment.

The current lighting lamps must be replaced on average every 4-5 years and ballasts need to be replaced every 7-10 years. The city which have recently replaced old street lights with LED said that they save more than 50% of their electric annual cost. Moreover Led Street Light is paying back its investment faster than the old one.

Improve Driver Safety with LED roadway light design. Thermal properties in LED based design are more likely to produce luminaries with long-term consistent light output and longer lifetime. Moreover, the illumination of led road lighting often needs to be considered over the range of ambient conditions (see ref. learn more information)

High lumen output Led with High power Led light sources are incredibly effective return of 50 to 80% savings over traditional sodium or mercury lamps. LED Public Roadway Light isn’t fragile and breakage likes traditional light bulbs. High Color Rendering Light-emitting diode Lights are exemplary Color Rendering lighting far more obviously lighting for the Highway.

  1. No dust absorption or yellowing since LED light operates at low voltage and low temperature there’s no decrease in illumination or yellowing, which is connected with conventional street light, during the lifespan of the LED.
  2. Immediate start Unlike sodium lights, need a time delay.
  3. 250W HPS light 100W Led street light comments Features Gas discharge lighting Strong lighting Shake evidence better Luminous flux Higher Regular high efficiency.
  4. Better color makes the environment to be a lot more clearly in the darkness.
  5. Illumination Same Color Rendering Bad Good lifespan 2~3years 10~12years last much longer.

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